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App Reviews - Let us know what you like and why!!

For those of you who are familiar with the apps store and the enourmous selection of both free and paid apps let us know which ones you like and why. The idea is to make it easier for those that are new to apps and also point out some that we have not come across before.

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I am currently developing a series of apps with functionality the will be concurrently available on any browser for free, as well as available in iTunes.


The free resource is intended for use in the classroom or at home, for use by teachers, parents or students. The downloadable apps are for use on the go - for practice and individual use. These are currently Maths apps to assist with:




straight line equations

trig graphs

feel free to try them out at




Here is a list of iPod Touch apps that we use at our school - I teach K-5 Technology.  Hope this helps!

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