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What do you wish you could do with your iPod touch?

Feel free to list and describe anything you wish you could with your iPod touch whether it be for students and or staff use.

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My wish list:

Make skype phone calls.

Have an app for ning networks

Use blackboard through my touch.

design a timetable app for students and teachers

get that microphone...


make my own apps ( i don't have access to an intel mac, well not yet anyway...)


download midi files from vanbasco
Have My Words hook up to the net
have i Translate and Translator work properly
A roll marking program that is Super quick & easy but also editable so that you can throw in whatever other categories you want such as behaviour or marks or other records that you want to keep all together for that student in that class (database really)
Be able to project the iphone through a data projector for more than just the movie files. I got the cable with all the possible attachments & only video will project.

Would be great to be able to project some of the apps onto the smartboard so that the kids can use them via the smartboard & the whole class can see the results.
Hey Deborah,

Are you using the composite AV cable ?

I would have thought that would work fine through a projector, but there is mention in above article that Apple is blocking anyone that hasn't paid them
I would like to be able to synch the calendar with the Meeting maker calendar that we are supposed to use at UNE for sharing our calendar with other staff.
I wish we could set up a group of iPod Touches so that they are all the same (i.e they have the same apps).
I wish that we could display what we are doing on the screen of the ipod touch direct to a projector.
Be able to use iPod as a USB.
viavoice type app...
Remember 'fast text' words that it doesn't have in its memory after you have typed them a few times.
Compose Music-i.e. have the ability to use Scorch and Flash

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