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What do you wish you could do with your iPod touch?

Feel free to list and describe anything you wish you could with your iPod touch whether it be for students and or staff use.

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Get an app called RemotePad. Install its server software on your PC and then use the iPod screen to control the mouse pointer. It can even type, all via wifi.

Eric Federspiel said:
I also wish students could use an app. to advance slides in presentation software other than Keynote (sadly, we're not a Mac district).
You can also show pictures but you have to run a slideshow from your picture app.

Deborah Morton said:
Be able to project the iphone through a data projector for more than just the movie files. I got the cable with all the possible attachments & only video will project.

Would be great to be able to project some of the apps onto the smartboard so that the kids can use them via the smartboard & the whole class can see the results.
You can sync all the touches 20/40 at a time with the cart!!! I do!

Phil said:
I wish we could set up a group of iPod Touches so that they are all the same (i.e they have the same apps).
You can make Skype phone calls. You just need a headset with a mic like that used with iPhone and an 802.11 Wireless internet connection with the Skype app.

bobbartley said:
My wish list:

Make skype phone calls.

Have an app for ning networks

Use blackboard through my touch.

design a timetable app for students and teachers

get that microphone...


make my own apps ( i don't have access to an intel mac, well not yet anyway...)


I just joined this group and am looking back at some old discussions. I am wondering if there is a way to set up one iPod Touch and then sync it's settings to all the other iTouches on the cart? I have a cart in my classroom with 20 iTouches. I have each iTouch set up so that each page has different apps on it. The problem is that when I buy a new app. It goes to the first page with an open space. I then have to go in and move each app indiviually on each iTouch. No bad unless I add 5 or more at one time!

Deon Scanlon said:
You can: just sync them all to the same computer/iTunes.

Phil said:
I wish we could set up a group of iPod Touches so that they are all the same (i.e they have the same apps).
I set up one iTouch the way I want it. The apps, music, videos, etc that I want it to have. Then I restore all the others to an image of that one. I have to remember a specific date and time for the image iPod, but it really makes things easier. After a couple of weeks, kids will move around apps, draw things and save them as pictures, etc. Then I reimage them back to the date I remembered from before.

I have also found that having fewer apps is less confusing for students who aren't familiar with the ipods. I try to keep the number of apps down to two pages. with ios 4, you can make folders for the apps you can't get rid of but don't want to use.
Heh heh... Most of these things exist now! And if not on iPod touch, on iPad!

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