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Apple have added an important product update to iTunes U the addition of ePub file format support.

The three providers who are providing ePub collections at launch are:

  1. Connexions - Open Textbooks
  2. The Open University - OpenLearn Course Material
  3. Oxford - Shakespeare First Folio

FYI regarding the specific scope of this update includes:

  • Uploading ePub files to a hosted iTunes U site
  • Adding ePub via RSS to a feed-based iTunes U site
  • Downloading ePub files from iTunes U to an iTunes client on Mac and PC
  • Syncing downloaded ePub files from iTunes to iBooks on an iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad
  • Downloading ePub files, over the air, from iTunes U to iBooks on an iPad
  • PDF files downloaded from iTunes U can now be viewed in the iBooks app
  • Addition of closed captioned tag for RSS feeds

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